All About What I think About This Disease.

Hi there.

I am 21.

I am a type 1 diabetic. I was diagnosed on a Tuesday, September 25th, to be exact… I have a deadbeat pancreas, and am insulin dependent. I will be this way the rest of my life – diet and exercise won’t cure it… But I am not putting God in a box and saying He can’t cure me…  I do believe He doesn’t give us more than we can carry. We might have to bend until it feels like we’re going to break – but I believe that my God is mighty to save (sometimes it’s just not in the way we want or expect!). And I think I have this disease for some reason – a reason I don’t understand, but there must be some purpose in this.

And as of a few months ago, I was diagnosed with also having a dead thyroid… Yay me!!

I am trying to be positive about it all… Some days it really sucks. Some days are great!  I am so thankful for my awesome family, amazing boyfriend, and good friends; & my job, and coworkers who are really patient with me when I get sick!

I am blessed.

I am thankful for every day that I get to spend here on this little place we call earth!



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