All About Me.


me 1 (miː, ( unstressed ) mɪ)

— pron


refers to the speaker or writer: that shocks me ; he gave me the glass


chiefly ( US ) ( when used an an indirect object ) a dialect word for myself : I want to get me a car

— n


informal the personality of the speaker or writer or something that expresses it: the real me comes out when I’m happy.


Me… I never am sure what to write on these pages. Because honestly, as a human I am going to want to paint myself in the best light possible. And everyone knows no one is perfect: so then it just becomes this big list of all my supposed greatness, and it is pretentious, and no one likes that.

SO the truth, sometimes I am snarky, and impatient. Sometimes I say things I don’t mean without thinking about them. And sometimes I am simply awful at trying to write letters and emails back to people within the same calendar year as when I received them! And sometimes I try to pass those b*@!&^ moments off on the blood sugar! (All of these afore-mentioned things are ALL things I am working on. Everyone is a work in progress. And thankfully my God is a forgiving God…).

But on a more positive note:

I have am blessed with a wonderful family, and amazing boyfriend whom I love very, very much! ^_^

I am a writer. I have been ever since I can remember; telling stories in one form or another. Some day I hope to be published! But right now, I am a blogger.

I love animals.

I am a barista, and a bit of a reformed caffeine addict. My favorite drink: sugar-free caramel, and hazelnut breve latte! So good!!!

Big fan of all things Zombie related – and scary movies in general. 🙂

I like all kinds of colors… My favorites are probably a tye between mustard yellow, and red!

I am sarcastic, and silly, and a little loud I suppose. (Life is too short, and all that)!

I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. And my most favorite season is Autumn. 🙂 Washington

Oh yeah – and I have type 1 diabetes; and a pesky dead thyroid.

That is all for now!!! ❤



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